Top 10 Celebrities Who Can't Find Work in Hollywood Anymore

Being a celebrity comes with its fair share of fame and hardships. Be it a celeb who's just found his/her footing in the entertainment industry or a seasoned actor, each one of them has to struggle at one point of time or the other during their stint in the industry. But we as their fans, sadly, choose to hail their stardom while ignoring the amount of hard work they always put in, to be at the pinnacle where they are right now. That said, not every celebrity is fortunate enough to sustain their success for long. Imagine a burning candle; remember how it eventually melts down to its end, that too in its own being? Same is true for these Hollywood A-lister'. Presenting to you, ten celebrities who have outlived their screen presence and are slowly fading away into oblivion, with their glory days behind them.