15 A-list Celebrities Who've Openly Embraced Their Sexuality

Being a celebrity, your life becomes a story for everyone except you! Given the amount of attention paparazzi has on Hollywood A-listers' and whos' who of the entertainment industry, nothing these celebrities do is hidden or private. That said, media has a special place for the sexual exploits of these newsmakers, in their news column: who's dating who? Which celebrity is getting engaged or married? Which celebrity is going to be a parent? All these questions are closely scrutinized by the paparazzi. Therefore, it's not easy for celebrities to have any kind of privacy. That said, life even more hard for those who have same-sex partners. Earlier, these esteemed actors and famous personalities are publicly ridiculed, jeered, and even, shamefully cussed for wearing their sexuality on their arm! With changing times; however, these celebrities have boldly come out to embrace their being and now are looked upon as trendsetters. We have curated a list of 15 such A-list Hollywood personalities who are teaching us, how to live!