10 Odd Celebrities Who Scored Well Above Their League

Unlikely celebrity couples have been making us scream 'WTF' ever since Madonna hooked up with Tupac (more on that later), but now, a new crop of odd celebrity couples have got us wondering where these celebrities are meeting â€" Chloe Green and Marc Anthony, really?! There must be something in the water. Sometimes, it's the age gap love-ins we can't make sense of. Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall have 25 years between them, but that didn't stop Murdoch putting a ring on it and proposing to Jerry in January 2015. Tom Cruise and Cher also dated way back in 1985, even though Tom, then 23, is 16 years her junior. Other times, it's just too odd seeing the couple side by side. Of course, love is about way more than looks, but we can't help but look twice. Sophie Dahl is half a foot taller than her husband Jamie Cullum, and Olivier Sarkozy towers over new wife Mary-Kate Olsen. Time to invest in some heels, maybe? The height difference struggle is real. Odd celebrity couples don't care what you think â€" love is all you need, right? From age gap love, extreme height differences and downright WTF couples, here are 10 of the best.