10 TV Characters that are Played by Super-hot Celebs

Many actors get cast solely on their good looks and although this might be something they hate, it will not stop them from accepting the role. Being chosen to play a part in a movie, is not as simple as it seems. There are many characteristics and traits that need to be accounted for and you either meet the requirements or you fall short of them. You might think that you nailed the audition, and perhaps you did, but sometimes you just aren't what the director is looking for. Some celebs are okay with receiving unchallenging work, as long as they are being portrayed as beautiful god-like beings, and instead of really getting to know their characters, they are content standing in a corner and looking pretty. However, not every actor feels the same way and some might even take it as an insult to be cast solely on their assets. Luckily, conventional beauty is mostly found in nice hair, makeup, and attire, and so any gorgeous celeb can be dressed down or made-over to fit an "uglier" role. Therefore, get ready to be surprised when we reveal which super-hot celeb have played some of the most unattractive characters on TV.