10 TV Couples with an Uncomfortable Age Gap On-screen

We all enjoy watching people discover love. However, with that said, sometimes it's not as cool and sexy and adorable as we'd hoped it would be. While it's awesome to watch a couple of young people spend a television series falling in love (like Ted and Robin did in How I Met Your Mother, or like Michonne and Rick have in The Walking Dead), it can be a little less awesome when the couple isn't exactly picture perfect. We make a lot of assumptions when the age gap in a couple is significant. Is she after his money? Is he clinging to his younger days? Is she rich? Is she gold-digging? It's rare that we immediately think, "Ah, how cute that they're in love!" We always wonder what's wrong with the picture. In many cases, that's absolutely unfair â€" we should be celebrating a genuine love that was found in an odd place. So let's talk about the whipper-snappers and the curmudgeons that we've seen shaking up our favorite TV shows. Here are the 10 most uncomfortable age gaps on television: