10 Celebrities Who Went Too Far to Play their On-screen Character

Method acting is something that has won many celebrities that coveted Academy Award. It's a form of acting where the actor stays in character or goes to extremes to give the best performance that they are capable of. It's not something that is talked about a lot seeing as many people are more obsessed with the actor or the film rather than the process. However, it is usually the reason why the actor's performance is something that will be burned in a fan's brain for years. Method acting can sometimes have a detrimental effect on the actor sometimes even being the reason for their death (those are extreme cases). Unfortunately, some actors take this method acting thing too damn far; starving themselves, getting down to a weight that no person, not even a child should be. Some actors go insane, not showering and even living in the wild. What is going on here? Even though it makes for a great performance is there such thing as too much? According to these actors, no.